Join us!

In Superior VA we like new members at all times. Before you continue please make sure you adhere to the following rules for new member registrations:

  1. I am above the age of 18
  2. I have a valid IVAO PP rating
  3. I know how to fly, and I'm able and like to fly with ATC

If you think you meet the requirements asked above and you think you can be superior as well fill in your data below. After registration the process will look as follow:

  1. We will check your Pilot Rating on IVAO
  2. After the check you need to take a theoretical test that consist out of 10 questions of which 9 multiple choice. The last one is open and will ask you for a small motivation.
  3. The "senior" and higher rated members of the VA have the opportunity for 2 weeks to vote on your registration. If in these 2 weeks not more than 1/3rd of the voters would have a valid reason not to accept your registration, you will be accepted as an "aspirant" member.
  4. After becoming an Aspirant Member for a 3 months, you will automatically be upgraded to "Member".

Member Registration

Due to the fact we are currently starting up this Virtual Airline we are currently not taking any new members. This will change sometime soon when everything is ready to receive new members so keep checking the website if you are interested in joining us!


Please fill out the following form. You will only be able to choose a password and login to the crew pages once you have been accepted as member. You will receive an email with a confirmation of your registration, and once all procedures have been completed, you will be notified again.