Superior is a brand new era in Virtual Airlines. Instead of going for the quantity we are going for quality. Instead of going for as much functions and apps on our website, we like to keep it simple and focus on flying (alone or together).

We would like to give everyone the opportunity to join us, and that's why we would like to give you some information about us on this page.

What can we offer you?

  • a registered IVAO VA
  • the opportunity to fly where you want, with the aircraft you want, at the times you want
  • a fixed callsign to recognise you on the network

What we do not offer:

  • a forum on our website
  • an ACARS-like system to track your every movement
  • mandatory events
  • routes, schedules or timetables

You callsign is based on your "rank". You can choose any number (consisting of 1-3 digits) that has not been taken yet. Aspirant members (first 3 months after your acceptance) will have an "A" added to their callsign: SUP123A.

The Superior Virtual Airline is based on Rarotonga International Airport on the Cook Islands. This does not mean that your flight has to originate from that location, however we appreciate if you fly to/from our homebase once every year (VFR/IFR, whatever you like).